In The Neighborhood

In The Neighborhood

Noda aka North Davidson is one of the many neighborhoods in the Charlotte area. Noda is located just slightly north of downtown and it's full of art, entertainment and delicious food.

This neighborhood is special for many reasons. Each street corner in Noda has a beautiful brightly colored mural done by different local charlotte artists. The art scene in this part of the city is huge and brings so much culture and creativity to Charlotte. Every saturday, local artists will come and showcase all of their beautiful work. Paintings, Jewelry, Pottery and even handmade pieces of clothing will line the corner of North davidson st and E. 36th street. If you love buying local this is the perfect spot for you to check out!

The Neighborhood theatre is a Charlotte staple that is located in the heart of Noda. Built originally in the 1940's as a movie theater, this place has gone through a lot of changes. In 1997, the neighborhood theatre underwent renovations and became a live music venue. For the past 20+ years this location has been a Charlotte favorite and is a place to enjoy old classics and also discover new artists and music.

The Charlotte foodie scene is also growing rapidly, especially in Noda. You can start your morning off at the smelly cat coffee house & coffee roasters for a yummy caffeinated beverage paired with a delicious pastry. Amelie's french bakery is also the perfect place to enjoy a guilt-free cheat meal.

If you enjoy variety then you need to check out optimist hall. This building is a remodeled millhouse turned food/drink hall. It is the perfect lunch spot because it's quick, moderately priced and it can satisfy any foodie craving you have. From Sushi to fancy grilled cheese, this place has it all.

For dinner, trying Haberdish or Cabo fish taco in the heart of Noda are also wonderful choices. Haberdish is one of Charlotte's most popular restaurants. They are known for their Fried chicken & delicious cocktails, you don't want to miss this place! After dinner, you can always head over to Noda company store or Heist brewery to enjoy a drink with friends.

These are just a few of the hot spots in the Noda area, there are so many great options that we can't name them all. You will just have to experience this area for yourself! Salon 1226 is located at 1210 E 36th St in Noda and we are proud to be located in the Historic arts district of Charlotte. Come check us out to get the makeover that you have been dreaming of! We love being located in an area that is constantly evolving and changing and we want to style you to fit the ever changing trends!